Recommended Wallet Apps

All of the apps listed below are compatible with the Bleskomat Bitcoin Lightning ATM. With each wallet it is possible to install the app then immediately receive payments. Please read the details of each app to decide which one is right for you.

How to suggest other wallet apps

Is a wallet application missing from the list above which you think should be here? Please find the contact details in the footer of this web page and send us a message. We will thoroughly research and test the wallet app for the following specific criteria before we will add it to this list:

  • Fees are reasonable and clearly communicated to the user.
  • Can receive payments immediately after installing the app – the user does not need to wait for channels to confirm before receiving payments.
  • Functional backup scheme which allows a non-technical user to recover their funds in case their phone is lost or stolen.
  • Provable history of stability, on-going development, open-source is a big plus.
  • Supports lnurl-withdraw – bonus points if the app also supports lnurl-pay.